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This is Art! 2022
Group Winner

Surf on Turf by Lottie & Rosie Billington

This is Art!



Lottie & Rosies's Artist

Surf on Turf

We created this collage from materials we found in our uncle's shed and garden. We drew a rough idea onto paper then transferred the idea into three dimensions using the grass as our canvas. The photograph of the finished work was taken from an upstairs window.

What our judges had to say
about Lottie & Rosies's amazing work!

'Lottie and Rosie, I adore your piece. What a brilliant collaboration; making such a fun piece together! I admire how you transferred a drawing on paper into a three dimensional real life sculpture. That you used everyday objects and transformed them into art and that you both perform in the piece too! Your uncle's shed is a treasure trove and hurls are magical! Super congratulations and hope you continue to make more great collaborative works together.'

Amanda Coogan, Visual Artist

'Surf on Turf exudes fun! The excitement and enjoyment of making this stunning artwork is very evident. Congratulations to the artists, Lottie and Rosie on their clever and imaginative use of materials and for creating something so wonderful.'

Tadhg Crowley, Senior Curator at Glucksman Museum

This is Art! 2022

Group Runners-Up


Aurora and Faye (10), Cork

Well, I'm usually into Greek Gods and stuff. And my friend Faye is good at Art, so when we had to do a project we decided to do a bust of Juno, the Roman Queen of the Gods

2nd Place Winner

Making A Difference

TY Rockford Manor, Dublin

This is a group submission from Transition years in Rockford Manor Secondary School. Students were asked to create a painted text based art work inspired by the theme 'Making A Difference.' Students were asked to research and take inspiration from artists that have created text based works and display their work in unusual ways. The text chosen by students was inspired by the theme. Students were encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives through art. Students were asked to come up with unique ways to display their work in a public setting

3rd Place Winner

This is Art! 2022
Category Winners

7 & Under

Sleeping on a Rainbow 
by Catriona (7), Cork


The Ghost of Garretstown
by Phoenix (11), Cork


Papillon by
Elizabeth (15), Wicklow


Stuck in My Room
by Sarah (16), Wexford

This is Art!