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This is Art! 2022
12–15 Winner

Papillon by Elizabeth Wilson 

This is Art!



Elizabeth's Artist


My painting is meant to portray the butterfly effect which is a theory that essentially says that one small change can cause a larger change down the road. It’s been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. My perception on this theory is that everything you’ve ever eaten, seen, smelt, felt and the relationships you’ve had all caused you to be the person you are today. I am the art but I’m also the artist😁

What our judges had to say
about Elizabeth's amazing work!

'What a sensitive piece of painting poetry you have created Elizabeth and with such a tricky paint medium of watercolour, which added a real softness of touch and intimacy too. There was something about breaking through the 4th wall in this work that made me think how important it is for us artists to always try to push and challenge ourselves when we are making representations of ourselves in the contemporary world. Well done!'

Aideen Barry, Visual Artist

'An absolutely gorgeous painting! Elizabeth demonstrates an incredible level of skill in the way she manages the paint. From the paintbrushes in the jar to the folds on the clothes, the sensitive colouring of the faces and shades of the hair. Really beautiful. This skill is matched by an imaginative and unique interpretation of the self-portrait and makes Elizabeth’s artwork a deserved winner.'

Tadhg Crowley, Senior Curator at Glucksman Museum

This is Art! 2022

12–15 Runners-Up

Soul’s Growth

Aisling (15), Roscommon

In my piece, I used a skeleton and plants to symbolise the growth of the soul and personality over time. I used Victorian Era flower language as a reference when choosing the plants. Heather for protection, lilac for first love, angelica for inspiration, thyme for activity, petunia to never despair, rose for courage and self-love. I believe the way a person's soul can grow and evolve over time is extraordinary. For me, the characteristics represented in the flowers aid the soul's growth.

2nd Place Winner

Dad and Mam

Daragh (12), Dublin

This is a painting I did of my Dad and my Mam. They are both extraordinary.

3rd Place Winner

This is Art! 2022

Category Winners

7 & Under

Sleeping on a Rainbow 
by Catriona (7), Cork


The Ghost of Garretstown
by Phoenix (11), Cork


Stuck in My Room
by Sarah (16), Wexford


Surf on Turf by
Lottie & Rosie, Mayo

This is Art!