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This is Art! 2022
7 & Under Winner

Sleeping on a Rainbow
by Caterina
Chiu Paone

This is Art!



Caterina's Artist

Sleeping on a Rainbow

Rainbow is my cat. She is extraordinary because she is my cat.
She has a lot of magical powers: when I am sad, she comes to me and gives me cuddles. When I am lonely, she sits next to me.
She loves night time and her fleece blanket. So I painted all these in my work. I took a photo of her first. Then I designed the background and painted it. I glued the photo on the painting then I glued the fleece blanket (don’t worry, it’s not hers. It’s old clothes).
Rainbow is very special to me.

What our judges had to say
about Caterina's amazing work!

'Oh how I loved this Caterina, the creativity and the consideration you put into constructing such an amazing mix-media assemblage. The Cat looked like she really was dozing on the rainbow. Such a wonderful work. Congratulations.'

Aideen Barry, Visual Artist

'An artwork that makes you smile! Caterina’s use of varied materials and her imaginative style ensured her artwork was a standout! The joyful use of colour and skilful managing of collage are really impressive. A huge congratulations Caterina. You should be very proud.'

Tadhg Crowley, Senior Curator at Glucksman Museum

This is Art! 2022

7 & Under Runners-Up


Emma (7), Dublin

I am Emma, my family and I live in Dublin. For the past two years, I couldn't see my friends very much because of the covid. I missed them so much. Now the epidemic finally ended, our life returned to normal, I can often meet with my good friends, go to the forest and park to play together. It is fantastic!

2nd Place Winner

This is Extraordinary that Mom let Katie dye her hair pink & blue

Emilie (6), Meath

This is extraordinary that my Mom has let my sister Katie dye her hair pink and blue. I want to do this when I am 13 too. I think Katie's hair looks beautiful & I have told her this. She is extraordinary. She loves art, soccer & music. I love all these things too. I spent the whole weekend working on this piece of art. This artwork is part of a series of pieces that I have created of Katie and her changing hair colour. I love drawing portraits of her & working with collage too. The music background represents Katie's violin playing but also her love of listening to music on her phone. I used a pair of her old headphones & recycled them in my artwork. Katie's headphones break a lot so it is a good way to reuse them. I do a lot of junk art in school too. I love it.

3rd Place Winner

This is Art! 2022
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This is Art!