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This is Art! 2022
16–18 Winner

Stuck in my room
by Sarah

This is Art!



Sarah's Artist

Stuck in my room

This piece is a reflection of my experience in lockdown and how your small bedroom becomes more than just a literal room but so much more. It’s a box that blooms creativity and bliss and made me realise that sometimes everything you need is right in front of you. Somewhere that you think of as a place to rest or study for school for me became a vessel for imagination. I took the picture to highlight the main parts of my room that are important to me, but may seem insignificant to others.

What our judges had to say
about Sarah's amazing work!

'Sarah’s portrait perfectly captures the experience that so many had during Covid and yet reveals important aspects of Sarah’s own personal journey every time you view it. As viewers, we understand how the bedroom has become a sanctuary, a place of creativity of the artist. The details of the reflections on the glasses that allow us to glimpse the outside world, the way in which Sarah has depicted the keyboard and the confident marks that indicate the decorative elements of the bed or clothes, all demonstrate exceptional skill. An important story, skilfully told. Absolutely stunning, massive congratulations Sarah!'

Tadhg Crowley, The Glucksman, University College Cork

'Sarah's artwork is gorgeous, and so accomplished. But mostly I loved the idea she show us; that everything we need is right in front of us - contained in a small place - a rich and important idea. But actually, what brings me into the picture is the reflection on your sunglasses, the peep out the window, the reflection of the green grass and the confidence and cool of your pose.'

Amanda Coogan, Visual Artist

This is Art! 2022

16–18 Runners-Up


Dan (18), Limerick

As an artist, I like to experiment with light and colour to turn an ordinary portrait into something extraordinary. I drew this portrait of my cousin's friend, Caoimhe, on a winter's night last year as she was untangling a bunch of LED lights. I particularly like the variation of colours as they fell on her face and hair, giving her an other-worldly, almost ethereal effect.

2nd Place Winner

No Apologies

Jude (17), Antrim

Society's association of youth and beauty devalues older women. My painting pushes the boundaries of social acceptance. It represents a fragment of a person, wrinkled, slack, pocked; missing even a face - yet identified as ‘old’ & ‘fat’. I hope the viewer feels shame at this assessment. We are all flesh and all perish. It should not be an ‘extra’ordinary image, it represents normality. It unapologetically displays a model who, in choosing to pose is defiant of her diminishment.

3rd Place Winner

This is Art! 2022
Category Winners

7 & Under

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This is Art!